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Discovering your unique idea aligned with your life purpose and the needs of those you serve is key to the success of your knowledge-based business. Want a platform that will leverage your knowledge to serve more people, while adding to your bottom line so you can have the lifestyle you truly want? Discover a simple, powerful system to help hard working professionals like you pinpoint your valuable experience and leverage it for greater impact and income.

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About Riz

Riz is a professional development coach and instructor who helps you leverage your experience and passion for greater impact and multiple income streams.


Who we are, and why we want to help you succeed.

Think Beyond Boundaries grew out of a side hobby creating niche websites, self published books, and experimenting with different forms of online income generation. I’ve been fascinated at the power and ease with which we can use technology to transform our know-how into real, income.

“Your life is your expertise. Each of us is on a unique journey through life, overcoming challenges and achieving breakthroughs, both small and large, in order to serve others.”

– Riz

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We’ll show you everything you need to know to get your expertise in the hands of clients anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

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We go beyond the competition by providing regular check-ins and giving you feedback and support as you build your business.

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“Working on one project at a time and building it until it
becomes profitable is the key to success.”

– Riz Otoks